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Holmes Glass

Andrew Holmes Glassmaker

Andrew Holmes Glassmaker

Peter Holmes Glassmaker

Peter Holmes Glassmaker

Peter & Andrew Holmes Glassmaking

Peter & Andrew Holmes Glassmaking

Holmes Glass is the Father and Son team of Peter and Andrew Holmes.

With a combined experience of 82 years in glassmaking,

their styles and techniques explore traditional and contemporary glassmaking.

Peter began as an apprentice in glassblowing and traditional paperweight making at the age of 15,

under Paul Ysart at Caithness Glass. Peter's reputation is known amongst paperweight collectors

as the Grandfather of abstract paperweight making & designs.

Extending from the paperweight making, his skills embrace homeware ranges

of bowls and vases through glassblowing.

Andrew became an apprentice with his father some 18 years ago,

developing his own skills in making of the full ranges.

Andrew's style has flourished into metal and glass sculptures,

bespoke pieces for garden commissions.

Most recently moving into public art in a collaboration

for the Galashiels Burgh Chambers Flame memorial.

As their styles and techniques have expanded over the years,

Andrew and Peter continue to explore their craft.

They find inspiration through the landscape

of the Scottish Borders, outer space, under the sea and mythology

reflected in their shape and form.

Holmes Glass are proud to bring you their glassmaking, continuing to work by hand in their craft.

We welcome visitors 
for glassmaking demonstrations in the workshop,

also offering bookings for glassmaking experiences.

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