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2022 in Review & Winter Closing for Maintenance

We start with saying a big thankyou to you for your continued custom and support over the year. It has been lovely to see visitors from near and far, returning after such a gap of time. This year has had new workshops with our Summer Bird & Christmas Bauble Experiences. Customers have enjoyed giving these pieces as gifts.

The glassmaking experiences have been very popular. It is lovely to share an insight into the world of glassmaking.

The Summer bought a sweet range of Apples and Pears from Andy whilst Autumn bought a multi-coloured array of mushrooms by Peter, as well carrying on developing their more traditional lines.

Our bespoke orders have been near and far, making their way to the USA and Australia.

To complete the year, November was the return of the Crafters Fair after 3 years.

In December Andy's most recent custom floral metal and glass sculpture was installed for a customer.


Winter Closure

We are open until December 23rd, and then close for glassmaking and orders until 1st April 2023. We will be working on maintenance of the furnace and heat chambers, refreshing everything for Easter 2023.

From the 16th January you can purchase from the website or pop into the gallery and purchase. We will take bookings for Glass Experiences for April and onwards.

Once again, thankyou for your continued custom and support. We wish you a Happy Christmas and Bright Sparkling New Year 2023,

All the best

Holmes Glass

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