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New Traditional Paperweights for Summer 2024

Updated: Jun 28

With the arrival of Summer, Peter and Andrew bring you a collection of Traditional Paperweights, offering a variety of designs to enhance your collection. If you are new to collecting Traditional Paperweights and have been appreciating the artistry of these beautiful pieces, we have single flower paperweights that will be a delightful introduction to your collection.

Or perhaps you are admiring the colours and patterns for home or as a gift. To view the full selection visit and to keep updated on more additions in the coming weeks, subscribe to our newsletter at the end of this blog post, or follow the social media link.


White Flower Starcut & Faceted Miniature Paperweight

For starting collectors this miniature white flower paperweight is ideal. Measuring 6.2 cm wide by 4 cm high (2.44" x 1.57"), the delicate flower has a PH signature cane at the base of the stem and the paperweight is faceted with a starcut base.


Pastels Starcut Paperweight

Soft pastel blue, green and pink are accompanied by purple tones. A PH signature cane sits underneath the flower in the millefiori border. This paperweight is starcut on the base.


Purple Pansies in two designs

This first Purple Pansy Paperweight has a single border of pink and green millefiori which are given the captivating illusion of doubling through the faceting detail. A PH signature cane sits underneath the flower in the millefiori border.


In the second of the Purple Pansy Paperweights, a rich pink, blue and green millefiori border is framed by a delicate torsade of pink, white and blue. The PH signature cane sits in the centre of a purple and green millefiori, and the starcut base radiates towards the border.


Pink Flower on a bed of Blue Latticino

On a rich, deep blue and white bed of latticino sits a pink flower with a PH signature cane at the base of the stem. A border of pink, purple and blue millefiori surrounds the flower with faceting to highlight the pattern.


Above is a further selection of the new Traditional Paperweights available in the online shop.

We have more to share in the coming weeks. To keep updated, you can subscribe to our newsletter in the box at the end of the page. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

If you have any queries about a paperweight, do get in touch via email on

and we will be glad to help.

Wishing you a lovely week

All the best

The Team at Holmes Glass

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