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Torsades, Magnums & Double Signature Canes

In this blog post we share with you some distinctive features of three of the Traditional Paperweights currently available on the website.

Above from left to right; Pink & white flower with torsade, millefiori border & starcut base. Large Magnum faceted with trio of flowers. Andrew & Peter Holmes AH & PH Signature Cane Paperweight. Summer 2024.


The torsade and starcut base

This delicate pink and white flower, is surrounded by a torsade, the name that originates from the French for a decorative trimming of twisted ribbon. The starcut base, is created from fine angular lines cut into the underside of the paperweight. Radiating from the centre of the paperweight, they add to the sense of movement and bring an extra reflection of light.

These details are bought together by the delicate pink and white flower in the centre, with the bright pink and green millefiori as a border.


The Magnum

The defining characteristic of a magnum paperweight is in the size, which is 3 inches or more in width. As a larger paperweight this adds to the weight on the end of the iron in the making process. Though allows for more detail. This magnum is 3.94" in width and 2.56" in height. It has a trio of flowers on a deep green base, and is surrounded by millefiori canes. A PH signature cane sits at the base of the flower stem.


Father and Son Signature Canes

This piece is unique as it contains both Peter and Andrew's PH and AH signature canes in recognition of creating these paperweights together. The brightly coloured and soft white twisted latticino featured in this piece are just some of the new latticino they have made together, in this Summer range.

The deep purple trio of flowers at the centre give a bold centrepiece in this traditional paperweight.


There are more traditional paperweights with the starcut and torsade features available on the website, and new pieces are on the way. At the moment, there is one magnum and one double signature cane paperweight available. Stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter in the box at the end of the page. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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